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hi, For my android phone, i have developed an app. in 47th screen i have 8 pictures. my blocks are as you see in the screen-shot i want them so that when i click on the pic the sound file will play and when i longclick on the picture it stops. but only the first picture acts the same as i have designed. and the rest pics just play the sound and “longclick” doesn’t work at all for the rest of the pictures. i thunk there is some bugs in the system since i have tried using many ways but i couldn’t solve it.


Hey ! I noticed that when the apps become complex, it takes a huge amount of time to execute and even more when an online database is involved in the process (Firebase).

It is not linked to the phone (I have an iPhone X) nor to the connection (my connection delivers 300mb/s) so I assumed it was linked to the platform. I would like to know if the team is planning to make the blocks execute faster or to optimize the apps that we make in Thunkable ? Sometimes the delays are really long and the user experience becomes very bad because of it :confused:

Keep up the good job @thunkable and thanks for this platform !


The animation (Lotti) is restarted when something is renewed on the screen.


In Thunkable X not suport Seech Recognizer language “Vietnamese”. I need it to support the Vietnamese language. Thanks!


there is a need for getting current webviewer address ,
now we are just getting initial address when using get webviewer address block !


I would be happy if you could press Enter and do any action


you could do this using the textbox extension and the EnterPressed event



I want it to be possible in thunkable x


what about following the guidelines then?