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hi, For my android phone, i have developed an app. in 47th screen i have 8 pictures. my blocks are as you see in the screen-shot i want them so that when i click on the pic the sound file will play and when i longclick on the picture it stops. but only the first picture acts the same as i have designed. and the rest pics just play the sound and “longclick” doesn’t work at all for the rest of the pictures. i thunk there is some bugs in the system since i have tried using many ways but i couldn’t solve it.

Hey ! I noticed that when the apps become complex, it takes a huge amount of time to execute and even more when an online database is involved in the process (Firebase).

It is not linked to the phone (I have an iPhone X) nor to the connection (my connection delivers 300mb/s) so I assumed it was linked to the platform. I would like to know if the team is planning to make the blocks execute faster or to optimize the apps that we make in Thunkable ? Sometimes the delays are really long and the user experience becomes very bad because of it :confused:

Keep up the good job @thunkable and thanks for this platform !

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The animation (Lotti) is restarted when something is renewed on the screen.


In Thunkable X not suport Seech Recognizer language “Vietnamese”. I need it to support the Vietnamese language. Thanks!

there is a need for getting current webviewer address ,
now we are just getting initial address when using get webviewer address block !

I would be happy if you could press Enter and do any action

you could do this using the textbox extension and the EnterPressed event


I want it to be possible in thunkable x

what about following the guidelines then?


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im having the same issue

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if you put background images in blocks section after a little while they will disappear and you have to put them again and then again it would be replaced by an error mark

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i am using a webviewer and when i type something using the keyboard, it leaves a blank white space that is not useable, i think the screen changes its size after the keyboard is used. please help


Hi there,

Please follow the steps described in the first post in this topic to submit a report to the GitHub repository.


Okay here’s what I think there should be and I’m sure a lot of people will agree.

  1. horizontally scroll/swipes
  2. better designs
  3. video camera and basically all of the components from kodular website if came into Thunkable x Thunkable will be unstoppable
  4. video play backs like ditch webviewer or make it more designable more advance
  5. animations / smoothness. Like I can clearly tell app created with x code and created with something else Xcode has that fluidity
  6. Touch ID Face ID. Ditch email or combine with email
  7. options to create app screenshots within Thunkable x
  8. webapi more simpler

On your number 7 point, do you mean the platform will generate screenshots for app store?

Yes like why go to other websites. Thunkable can easily give us all the tools for making publishing easy

I created a post about this earlier and @jane had some great news. You can find a link to the post below :slight_smile:


For this, ask in he community.
I think the Web API is very easy to handle.

If you encounter any problems, freely ask :wink:


My advice would be to forget every new feature you put new feature when your foundation is strong and Thunkable foundation is not so strong over the week I have been looking at Xcode Google’s fluster and they look so amazing and fluid. What we want is 60fps or more
Fluid motions like literally open App Store. See how smoothly columns open how buttons change from download to downloading icon. It’s smooth like butter that’s what we want we want more customisation let us free transform columns let adobe photoshop let us do but do put row swipe left right. Thanks


Remember that the developers here are working with many different coding languages. There is the front end which is the website that everyone codes on, then the back end with its own stuff going on. I am sure the developers are working with a dozen or so languages, to make coding easily accessible to anyone with an internet connection.

Flutter (which I believe uses DART?) is a potentially a good starting point for cross platform apps, if you want to do real coding. One language seals the deal I guess.

But unless this is already the standard language for Thunkable X, I don’t see them scrapping years of work to change to something else.