Remove Text From A Specific Character To Another Character

I am working on a worldwide app that I am soon going to finish and publish! Though, I have an issue with it. I am using Firebase Auth but when I use my “Initialize Account” button, it gives me the error “Missing sender (auth/invalid-sender).”, “Password should be at least 6 characters (auth/weak-password).” or “An internal error occurred (auth/internal-error).” I hope you get my point but I don’t want the part of “(auth/weak-password)”, “(auth/internal-error)” or “(auth/invalid-sender)” shown on the client-side. Do you know how to fix this or at least know how to remove this text? A bit of help would be very much appreciated because I have been working on this app for like 4 months and I’m still getting nowhere.

What are you doing to generate those error messages? Where are they showing up? Is there a password issue that you haven’t resolved?

I have added an error label and when they click the sign-up button, the code runs the signup function and then uses an if statement that says “if there is an error, set the label’s text to the error otherwise, call an alert that shows a message asking to verify the email address”. The funny this is that when I signup with a temporary email for testing like my own Gmail address, it shows an error but still adds the user and send the verification email. I don’t know how but below is a screenshot of what I’ve got for the signup function.

P.S. I have added another test just to remove “Firebase:” from the start of the error.

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