Firebase Sign Up Not working

Hi, Does anyone have any recommendations for why this might not be working. Nothing happens in my firebase authentication account when I click on the button to sign up. I know this is basic and I will add other fields such as amount of characters, but I thought I would do this first to test it. The firebase account is connected as I can get/change data, but I want to add in the sign up feature as well and for some reason nothing happens. Thank you in advance

Right-click on the Firebase sign up block and choose Show Advanced block. Then set a label’s text to the green error block. Let us know what appears when you attempt to sign up.

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Thank you! Nothing was working, so I deleted page and started again and then it started working, although it comes up with ‘undefined’ in the error message label I put in there. Is that ok? I have received the email telling me to verify, so I guess it is fine.

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It’s best to set up error checking this way:

If [error]
…set label’s text to [error]
…[any blocks you need for when the sign up works successfully]

If it still shows “undefined” after doing that, I’m not sure what would cause that.

Thanks so much. That seems to be working now. The issue seems to be having the ‘set stored variable’ in the same block as the ‘firebase sign up/in’. It’s strange. If I remove the ‘set stored variable’ and just use ‘text input’ then all fine. But this is a bit annoying as I want to set the stored variable as I do it. Any ideas what BUG I may have created?

When using Stored variables, check for null values when the screen opens. Here’s an example although for your variables, you’ll want to set them to an empty string (“”) instead of an empty list:

Screenshot 2020-03-25 at 18.04.42

Thanks so much! That seems to have worked. Really appreciate your help again!



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