Registering as a native share target

Does anyone have ideas or experience in using the web api to register a Thunkable app as a native share target on the device.

What I am trying to achieve is creating a bookmarks list in my app or cloud db that can be added to by using the share button while using the native browser or from another native app to collect link URLs.

I want my app to be selectable with native sharing on Android and IOS and get URL.

Is this doable?

Wait, am i getting this right.
you want your app in something like this?


I don’t have a specific api yet nor do I know how to set up or use API’s but here is an example;

Hi @jaythemanchs

I think the screenshot you displayed is a google options. I am more thinking about the native share button on the device. On my Android pressing the share button allows me to share the content (or in my case just a url) with the users choice of a number of different installed apps. I want my app to become a share target for this
and be able to place the url in a list that the user can later use from within the app.

In fact, I am able to share any page url I am browsing using the Android native share button directly into the thunkable community app using exactly the process I am trying to duplicate for my app. It places the url into a new topic post within the installed thunkable community app.

I don’t know how to add screenshots from my phone to this post but I will try to do so when I am next at my desktop PC.