Recommendation for Weather App Icons

I am building a weather app and I have about 96 weather app icons I need to use. I was wondering if its OK to upload all 96 icons to Thunkable app as local file or is there any recommended online storage I can use for this.


How will icons be used? Will they be displayed on an item that a user can click? How many images will be on the screen at the same time? Do you want to make a screen with the display of icons for all 7 days of the week? Are all icons the same size?

All icons are 128x128 in size. At most there will be 20 icons on screen. None of the icons will be clickable. Icons will be displayed as images on the image widget

I have a complicated example of using a sprite map - all images are saved in one file, from which they are then selected by index on the scrSpriteMap screen.

Another solution is to use the WebViewer for display, but the data URI protocol does not work in the installed application on iOS.

Another solution is to convert all icons in Base64 format using a batch operation and create a table, in one column which will be the name of the image, and in another column its code in base64 format, which can be assigned to the Image component.

Hmm how do you do the Base64 one. Sounds like a much better option.

I do not have a ready solution, but I suggest you try Imagemagick - this is a very powerful combine-harvester for working with images on the command line. Thanks to him, you can specify a directory with images and one command to change the specified parameters (name, size, format, and more) for all images. With the help of it, I make sprite maps.

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Sorry not the sprite option but the Base64 option

Imagemagick can convert files to this format. Or you can use online converter to base64