Realtime DB isn't working

Hi ! I can’t configure the Realtime_DB Component i can’t see the propierties and options :disappointed_relieved:

Hi @Nacho_Huala

When you set up your own account, don’t forget to add your details to your app settings, rather than the realtimeDB settings:

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Okey, thanks @domhnallohanlon ! Anyway if I want work with 2 or more different DB from Firebase, how I can do that ?

Thanks in advance and greetings !

At the moment it seems that you can only use one RealTimeDB per app.

Just out of curiosity, why do you need more than one firebase?

I am developing a Jobs App based on GoogleMaps Service , in the first firebase I save the info of the job (User, Description , Coordinates , Payment) , when the main screen starts I get all tags and add the markers in the map, in the second firebase I have all the accounts system. But I will prove with Spreadsheets :thinking:

My english is not the better :frowning:

Have you finally succeeded doing it with spreadsheet

Why do you need multiple firebase databases? You can also make “branches” within a single database, like:


Within Thunkable realtime DB block you can then use different keys to access different parts of your database (and/or use join to create the needed keys). For example accounts/account1/name to access the name of the first account and jobs/item1 to access the first item under jobs, etc etc

And then you can use rules, to restrict access to the different branches of your database.

Regards Rob

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Hi @Rob_Schoemaker

How did you make the branches?

Thank you,

Hi Bittany,

I think you resolved but, the way to create branches is to create a key similar to directory path:


Also you can create a more deep structure.


Hi @AdrianL I’m sorry to bring a dead thread to life.
How can i query all the children under root node and show them in a list?

Thanks in advance!