Getting data from a second Firebase?

OK so I am wondering if we will be able to get data from 2 or more Firebase’s in the future OR will we just have to call the others via webAPI? I’m going to have 2 separate apps but need to get data from 2 different Firebase’s (as one database might be to large LOL)

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You want to say that now it is impossible to receive data from two or more Firebase databases?

Unless I missed something vital, you can only enter the details of 1 Firebase DB so I was asking how to do more than one without running it through API.

I did not quite understand. You can add several RealTime DB components to the application and thus work with several databases. Or do you need something else?

you can add Realtime DB components but they are all tied to the Firebase info you put into the app settings.

You are right, I somehow completely forgot about it :wink:

You can try the Firebase Javascript API

Ya I was hoping to not have to do that LOL. Oh wells.