Realtime DB doesn't save on Firebase

Why isn’t the Data saved in the Database, eventough I am using exact same function on a screen before, where it works. It used to work yesterday, but I did one change, deleted the change and now nothing is saved in Firebase.

Hello have you checked the firebase settings?

Did you maybe exceed the free firebase quota?

Did you change the security rules on firebase?

Check the [error] in the [save] block to see if it is a database issue. You are not checking if the [save] operation was successfully performed.

You do not seem to have set the value of ProfessionDB. I think it will crash when it comes to creating object with a field that does not exist. In your case, you have not set professionDB, so it has nothing to give the JSON on what to put in the profession field.

I worked on it a little bit and now it works, still thanks for the replies.

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