Realtime Database not working

I worked on an app using realtime db on firebase a year ago and everything was fine. I opened the app using the live test a few days ago and it’s not working anymore. I didn’t change anything. Can anyone help?

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This is a really broad question. I know it can seem like “everything worked, I didn’t change anything and now it doesn’t” but it can be something like Firebase changing their required rules or something that you didn’t realize you changed in your project.

The best thing to do is to start debugging your project. I would make sure you can:

  1. Save a new value to Firebase
  2. Get a stored value from Firebase and display it in a label

If those both work, let us know and then add more details about what is/is not working in your app. Providing a link to the project or screenshots of related blocks is really helpful.


Check the Firebase rules, Firebase adds an expiry date if you do not have security rules in place.

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