Real DB Add Listener Crashes

I am currently taking a Thunkable class in college, we have been working with the real time databases. It was working fine until the recent update on Thunkable user interface a few weeks ago. Everytime I add the “add listener” block for the real time DB, the app will crash. This has happened to several of my fellow classmates. We noticed if we take out the “add listener” the app will not crash.

Can you show the blocks please that cause it.

Another thing to do is create an app as small as possible that recreates the issue. This is a form of issue isolation. It helps clear out other potential influencers in identifying is the issue device related, asset related, code related a combination of either, or clear a bug.


I just added a photo of the blocks, thank you!

I am not sure what the bug is however this is not a good idea.


The issue is calling a remote service on Screen open. I would put that to a procedure or a clock function. The reason is when the first screen opens the app is initializing. Things can get in the way like basic phone functions whiile the app is trying to secure its memory space.

Create two apps. One that writes and one that listens. With one text box, and and a button that triggers each. have a classmate use one app to write while you listen.

It is bullshit in some ways to go through this, yet it is reality in programming. You are learning great skills.

I will help all I can,

Make sense?