Re-release: RUN BLOCKS now available on Google Play



Run Blocks

Hi all. About 6 weeks ago I released 2 apps, Run Blocks Lite and Run Blocks Pro. Lite was free and Pro was set at a low price.

I received some feedback and decided to act on it.

I have now decided to just release the Pro version for free. It’s now simply called “Run Blocks”.

I have significantly updated the UI. The core gameplay is still the same.

It’s toally free, no ads or in-app purchases.

Please download and play. Remember to leave honest reviews. Thank you all.

Download here

Run Blocks Game App

I’ve updated Run Blocks. I couldn’t find this topic so had to make a new one. Then I realised my history is posted on the button on the top right.

Anyway, I have made quite a few changes to the UI. I’ve made the background dark blue and the tracks slightly lighter blue. I’ve also added images for the buttons. I’ve made a few minor tweaks to the layouts of buttons/labels. I changed the app description on the Play Store.

The biggest difference is that where I had two apps, one free and the other paid, I now have just one. I have made the paid version free and it’s now simply called Run Blocks.

If anyone has the time I request they download the game (free, no ads or in-app purchases) and leave an honest review. It’s available at


Thanks for sharing your apps with us @Oxygentiq, would you mind posting each app in its own topic, just to make it easier for others.

You can, of course, link to your other apps in your new posts.

EDIT: I found your old topic! :joy: