Math Game: 4 Bars

Hello everyone. I have just created 3 new games and released them on Google Play.

EDIT: 2 have been unpublished pending graphical and UI updates.

See post #3 onwards for screenshots.

First up is “4 Bars”. Totally free, no ads or in-app purchases.

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what about following these tips?


In 4 Bars there are 4 different coloured bars which you have to either fill or empty depending on your target.

Each button below the bars corresponds to a bar. Each button displays two numbers, one outside the brackets and the other inside the brackets.

When you tap a button the corresponding bar increases or decreases by the number on the outside of the brackets on that button.

The other bars will increase or decrease by the number inside the brackets of their corresponding button.

No extensions were used.

This game is completely free and doesn’t contain ads or in-app purchases. Get it at

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I completely forgot to update this topic.

Run Blocks and Run Blocks were showing “Unfortunately the app has stopped working” when you downloaded them from Google Play and tried to open them. After much frustration I figured out the problem. I have since updated them and they work perfectly now.

All I need now are some people to download my games, especially the free ones.

I am working on another app at the moment and hope to release it shortly.

you might want to share the solution to that issue to the community…

Yes, I’ll tell you what I did. This worked for me but I don’t know why and I can’t guarantee that it will work for others.

I searched the forum for topics with the words “Unfortunately app” and I read them all. In one of them there was a link to

There’s a section on that page titled “Why does my app crash when i try to start it?” and it shows several causes of why apps might crash.

Nothing there appeared relevant to me. The apps are under 10mb, no yellow or red errors on blocks screen, only one real screen ie Screen1 (the rest are vertical arrangements that I make (in)visible when required), no pictures in the app. The only thing left was that my app icon was too big. However, I didn’t think this was the case.

If you go to you will see I have 3 other games and they all work fine.

When I create my app icons I use the highest resolution (640 dpi) and this works on my other apps just fine. Out of desperation I changed the icons in Run Blocks/Lite to the medium resolution. Suddenly both apps worked.

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Nice game, Nice concept but above all congratulations on your games. however i think some of the things worth taking a look at is your user interface (UI) you need to work on it because it is the first thing the users see when they open your app and it can turn them on or down. remember the gaming industry is flooded with apps created with Unity, unreal engine, Godot etc and to keep up with this competition, you have to maximize every bit of facility at your disposal to create a very responsive and attractive UI. The platform might not have everything but what it has can do more than what you have done. you should try and replace those buttons with quality graphical assets and materials. once you have done a good job with your user interface, you can then take a good shot at polishing your screenshots on the Market: Play store. Another one thing worth knowing is when ever you are building apps, You should give priority first to the users! try to put yourself in their shoes and ask yourself what would i need and want to see if i was the one going to download this app, what makes your app different from other similar apps in the playstore. Do not focus on the ads or the money. those are stuffs that will come later.
i hope this piece will click the next time you update or create a new game. with that said! Goodluck

Thanks for your feedback. I already knew most of what you’ve said but it’s always good to hear it again.

I’m not really an artist so when it comes to actual graphics I’m not that good. But you are right, if I want people to pay I should provide quality. I’ve been searching for quick ways to make the Run Blocks games look a bit better.

I found this website which helps generate nice looking icons. The Run Blocks games basically have squarish blocks and circular buttons. I’ve put a background image on the buttons. I’m going to do the same with the blocks but am having trouble with the logic at the moment but I’ll figure it out soon.

I’ve also re-written my Google Play descriptions. I’ve unpublished both games for now. Once they look a bit better I’ll also work on the screenshots. I wasn’t too happy with them but they were the best I could do at the time.

I’m currently working on another app which may be released by the end of next week then I’ll go back to Run Blocks. I’ll also then update 4 Bars.

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@Brainwork well said.