Rating Component Blocks Screen

Apologies if this post would be of better use somewhere else, but…

Messing around with the Ratings Component I noticed weird behavior on the blocks screen, such as:

Opening the blocks for it the first time it appeared like this -

Then once like this -

Then wouldn’t open at all, as well as an apparent freeze up of all other blocks drawers-

*NOTE: The blue highlighted components are those I tried to open drawers for consecutively.

And lastly, after any instance of attempting to “mess” with the ratings blocks, when navigating from the Blocks Screen back to the Designer Screen there is either a huge lag or freeze all together.

So I ask… Is it just me and my machine? Or can this be verified as consistent behavior among others?

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Nope, not just you. Minor issue that we have on our end which will be fixed ASAP. Sorry for the inconvenience! Unfortunately, for now the only way to avoid it is to not click on the Rating components in the blocks drawer. If you get into this state you can just refresh to fix it.

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Ok, thanks for the reply. I apologize for bringing up a known issue. Still learning the community. Anyways, awesome work to all of you and thanks again!

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