Random Input Generator

Dear community,
can anybody help me with the blockcoding for this one?:

I would like to have the user be able to type in 4 names and Thunkable will divide the four naems in to 2 teams, for each click on the Racket Button below the teams will be newly shuffled without having the name appear twice in the same place…

In the 4 Players Site, I have made stored variables for each input and when I Block code Teams side open - random item from List, with each of the stored variables, naems often appear twice.

Post a link to your project (and let us know the screen name to focus on) or a screenshot of your blocks. It’s impossible to know why it’s not working without seeing how you set it up.

For the first page I have made a stored variable for each input (User types in 4 names who will be divided in to 2 teams).

I have managed to get them diveded in to teams but they will repeat themself…

Here’s how I would do it:

Project link: Thunkable