Questions about integromat

it is a basically notfication app , this app will send positive messages to user at regular basis. when will user said “çalıştır” at screen 6 (that means run) app will be closed , and notification system will work.

Thunkers this is my apps logic.

Can someone show me the path that i should follow ?
do i need to publish app first , if can someone guide me that would be so cool.

This link will take you to the OneSignal API documentation. The only way to send scheduled messsages at this time using thunkable is to use the API connector and schedule the message manually.

oh so i dont need to use integromat

Probably not but Integromat makes things easier sometimes. I think in this case, you’d want to send recurring messages at certain times to certain people.

You’d likely want to hook up an AirTable or google sheet. when a user decides “i want to receive reminder X at 5:55PM every day” you’d enter their info into the AirTable. email, OneSignal ID, days of week to receive a reminder, and the time of day.

then you could have Integromat check it daily, line by line and if there is as message scheduled to be sent that day of the week, you’d also grab the time of day let Integromat schedule the message.

zapier might be a good use case here too

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i wasnt able to explain myself well enough ,

in my app user can adjust notification frequency aswell
for example
high : 1/2 every half hour send random notification from data viewer list

Hmm… that, i’m not sure of. I know OneSignal offers scheduled daily messaging, but i’m not sure you can send custom messages every half hour.

you would create what they call user segments., then you create automated messages for every 1/2 hour and apply that auto message to the particular segment.

then you’d use the api to add or remove a user from that segment.

at least that’s how it works in my mind.

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If you ask your users to register for free to IFTTT and provide the user name to your app then you can send messages to each user using the Applet you create in IFTTT.

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@jared i think i might need a new aproach , can i set my notifications at certain times like 12.00 AM , 15.00 PM , 18 PM .

EDIT : @jared by using OneSignal , now i want to set up my noticiations every hour and between 12.AM and 21.00 PM is it doable ? @muneer can you look at it too :smiley:

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Check this post. I gave an example of how to use OneSignal

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thanks a lot
EDIT : onesignal doesnt work on ios? @muneer

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Yes and No.

It works but only in published apps. Also there was an issue that you need to publish the app first without OneSignal and then make an update that has OneSignal. I do not know it is fixed now but thought of mentioning it.


wow thanks a lot , someone ordered me to dthis app , its really important for me

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hey @muneer bothering you again at different topic ,
i dont know you remember but ,in this “self-therapy” app i want the app to randomly send messages from my Local DB list at certain times . Do i need to do this with IFTTT or can i random with blocks and send it to onesignal ?

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If you use OneSignal then you can do it all in the app but you need to test it for scheduled notification. I have never tried it.

The bad side of it that OneSignal identifies the user by the device (you can do different identification but I never tried it) so if someone uses say, iPhone and iPad, this is counted as 2 users (In OneSignal terms, 2 Player IDs)

In the other hand, IFTTT uses registration so you can ask the user, as part of the profile, to provide the email address used in IFTTT and then you can send the notification in multiple devices at the same time with just one command.

The bad side is that users has to register in this app and in some cases al need to install it in their phones.

Hope this answers your inquiry.

i will probably try that
, and
at your example app you created a button for android , i want my app to be in ios and android , cant i combine both of them at one button?

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OneSignal console provides different keys for Android and iOS. You need to test what type of OS the user is using and provide the correct key.

You can use this

nice thanks

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