Questions about notficiations

I want the lines taken from the data viewer list or from google sheet to be randomly displayed as a notification to the user during the day. also i want the user to be able to set the frequency of the incoming notification. For example (frequent: every half hour, medium: every 2 hours).

Is this doable? Thanks .

Would you mind sharing it please?

Thunkable(its turkish)

Ok I’ll take a look at it.


On Thunkable, *open the Push Notifications dialog and paste this ID into the iOS App ID field. You will now be able to create push notifications and send them to your app users.

Note: This is only for Pro Thunkers.

the thing is , i want my app to generate those notifications

So you want the app to generate notifications when the app is closed?

yes sir , it is a basically notfication app , this will app send positive messages to user at regular basis. when will user said “çalıştır” at screen 6 (that means run) app will be closed , and notification system will work

I’m not sure if that is doable. Try asking other people if they know.

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@manyone , @muneer what do you think ?

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You can do this by using an integration system such as Zapier or Integromat or IFTTT and setup the rules in it. Your Thunkable app will trigger the system and then your setup in one of these will continue to work by itself.

i will look at it , thanks.

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