Question for Thunkable Freelancers

Hi Community!

I’m just curious about freelancing and Developing apps from thunkable.
My question for freelancers is,
How much do freelancers get paid to make an average app feature?
For example a SignUp and Login page with Oauth integration, or any other Simple Feature like this.
( NOTE: I’m asking this because I’m interested in freelancing stuff, few year ago, I tried Freelancing, made Graphic Design and sold them in fiverr.)



It truly depends on many variables.
I’ll try to break them all down to the points that from my point of view influence the most and give you an idea:

  • If the app is private or public
  • Where the customer wants to publish the app, this also includes if he needs to setup a personal developer account (both in Apple or Android)
  • Based on the features, how much time does it takes to keep it updated and maintenanced. Could be that features are easy, but need constant monitoring
  • In the based feature, if there are some hidden costs, something like reaching a limit on Airtable for example
  • What is the real budget my customer is thinking of (that’s a tricky one). Be careful, i’m not saying that the price is different if the customer has an higer or lower budget. I’m saying that if the customer is expecting to pay 100€, you can’t offer an app that is worth 1000€.
  • Make sure the customer has a whole page where every single details is written down. Payments, projects, ecc… It saves you a lot of time if he has questions and you need to search answers through hundreads of mails.

On top of the final price, i always ask for a annual fee that partially covers my expenses (Thunkable and Apple) and my time updating the app for small changes to be always well presented and updated.

I made many mistakes in the past charging my very first customers, here are some random tips for you:

  • Always videocall for the first real meeting and really understand his needs, his budget and payment method/deadline.
  • If you use Paypal, make sure you know about the fees
  • Make sure you pay taxes on your intakes
  • Make sure your customers and you agree on the final project. Any other add-on features are considered extra. (i found this to be the thoughest one as sometimes i’m too nice)

On my most honest point of view, i agreed in the past to make some apps for people with very low budget and it led me to nothing good.
They looked cheap and I had a lot of problems.
But it helped to understand many things and today i’m more aware of how it works.

So to answer to your question, for an app that allows sign-in and very basic features, published in both android and apple on your personal developer profile and let’s say a small database with no extra cost, i would charge:

:drum: :drum: :drum: :drum:

Not less than 400€ + 150€ annual fee

Hope it helped, i wish you the best of luck


The question I have for you is: how long does it take you to make those features? If you already have a template that covers SignUp, Login & Oauth, for example, you don’t have to charge as much as if you’re having to figure that all out.

For example, if I asked you to make that and all you had to do was duplicate a project, rename it and share the link with me, you could charge whatever you think that value is worth while also keeping in mind how long it originally took to complete the template. So maybe it’s $120. But if you’ve never made that before and it ends up taking you three hours to figure it out and you charge the same $120, that works out to $40 per hour which is pretty low for coding work.

Whatever you decide, make sure to have really clear written explanations of how you get paid and how you deliver the product. If it’s a large project like a full app, break the tasks down into smaller steps and make sure you get paid along the way (e.g. when it’s 25% done, 50% done, etc.). Consider a signed legal contract to protect yourself.

If you use a site like Fiverr, I imagine the legal part and payment details are mostly taken care of already but I don’t have experience with that site except as a customer paying for services.


Very thanks for your well elaborated reply!
Got it well! :grin::+1:!
I got a well knowledge about how to freelance with thunkable!

Just another last question… Which freelancing platform/s do you use to sell you apps?
Is that Fiverr, or else?

Thanks for your wonderful reply☺️

I have a well designed SignUp and Login page for an app with Oauth. And It takes 3 hrs as you said to make this.

Very Thanks for your suggestion about legal terms and part wise payments for apps! I had no Idea about these things previously as I was very new to freelancing. I thing freelancing with thunkable is a thing I should definitely try out.

I never had much luck on Fiverr to be fair.
i’m also on a couple of italian websites for job announcements but i’d say maybe just the 1% is doable for many reasons.

I’m focusing on the italian market for now. All my app in the spash page have a “powered by” link that leads to my app developer website, i’m also well known on instagram (in a particular niche) so i started making apps for that and shared stories along the way.

For my point of view, it’s easier to make a public app, publish it in the stores and then sell the services, than acquiring a new customer for a tailor made app.

Anyway i wish you good luck, i hope these tips help

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