Question about using the slider value

@domhnallohanlon Whenever I change my slider’s value I go to a white screen and when I reload it my slider’s value is back to normal I didn’t use drag and drop unlike many other’s

Post a screenshot of the blocks you’re using for your slider.

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It’s not the blocks ,How do I record my screen and send it to you

just use a screen recorder?

I don’t know which one to use suggest 1 please? ,Is there any way to make a screen recorder in thunkable

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you are on windows?


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How do I share the video

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through google drive

This is the link

@tatiang ,@domhnallohanlon This is the error

try a hard refresh

I tried that a million times but still when I change the slider’s value I get the same error

not just a refresh i am telling a hard refresh

Wow, that looks strange alright @codeemaker

Can you check your browser console and let us know if there are any error messages?


No do any of you receive this error

I think it’s probably because of my network or wi-fi error

it happens to me too!
i get the error when i highlight the value and click BACKSPACE - but i get no error if i highlight and simply type new value.
the error i get at the console is

here’s the link to the error

and i get this in the browser console:

the result is the same if you try clear_with_backspace on minimum, maximum, value and step