Question about taking photos

Hello domhnallohanlon,

I have build a app some days ago, before the API 29 update. Now i downloaded the APK and installed to my phone allowed the permission of camera to the app. However, when i want to take a picture erra happens “couldn’t get file path for photo”
I tested on live testing, it is OK, only not working after APK installed do you have a solution to the problem? Can this be related to the API update?

@xw0902gp - I don’t think this is related to API 29 so I’m moving this to it’s own topic.

Do you have duplicate event handlers in your project?
If not, can you share a screenshot of the blocks you are using at the moment?


I have the same problem. :frowning:

this is the blocks i used

and when i try to publish to app store it says

I attempted to publish and received the same error. I was giving it some time and streamlined some code and am gonna try again

How’s going? any sucess?

Hey @xw0902gp, try this:

Also… we seem to veered off topic here. I thought your original question was about taking photos - was your issue with publishing all along?

Just to clarify @huntermclarkn - an error is something that prevents you from publishing. This message is a warning - it’s telling you that there’s room for improvement but does not prevent you from publishing.

Thats what I thought @domhnallohanlon, I was more responding to @xw0902gp to let them know I had the same issue. I had no problem sending my app to be published (though it was a nice reminder to clean up some code)

The topic is about taking picture for sure, the publish is another issue. The logic is that i am thinking by chance, if i publish the apk, it might be work since it test ok on Thunkable live which is a “published” app and the device might trust the app so the permission might be OK? I might be naive :grinning:

Yes, the question is still the taking picture. any idea?


I know from the others that this only happen for andriod 10 system. But in the test mode it is OK.
Any solution for the [Couldn’t get file path for photo]?