Couldn't get file path for photo

test online OK when apk installed to phone shows camera couldn’t get file path for photo
both the camera and photo selection function do not work when downloaded APK installed to phone. I have tried with 2 phones (Android).
Anyone have the same problem? or a solution?

I have the same problem. And the photo library does not work. :frowning:

it might be some issue when build APK, live test works…

did you find a solution?

Same problems with me. Only on Android 10.

@ccm-systems @xw0902gp @f7a4d55febb042

Are each of your devices running Android 10?

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I have 4 devices. Android10 is one. the rest is mixed version 8&9 , Problems only on Android 10.

I have Android 10 only.

Hello Du,

Any ideal about how to solve the issue?

Thunkable updated server now. Back to normal.

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Display the values of all the blocks that are used to get the path. What do they show when used with apk? (what errors, values, etc.)

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Still same issue