Push notification heading

i want to modify heading from thunkable to other name

when i am using this i am getting this
{ “app_id”: “c7xxxxx”, “include_player_ids”: [""], “data”: {“foo”: “bar”}, “contents”: {“en”: “New order received”}


when i am using this getting bad request error 400
{ “app_id”: " c7xxxxx “, “include_player_ids”: [”"], “data”: {“foo”: “bar”}, “headings”: {“en”: “thanks”}, “contents”: {“en”: “New order received”} }

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i have the same issue
any one solve this issue?

it doesn’t look like you are adding any values to the “include_player_ids” parameter, it won’t work without this

Did you solve the problem that push notifications are not working?
If you solved, could you share a way?