Push notification component "Set Android_AppID to", is avaliable?


Is this component operational?
I do not get positive results when using it. I would appreciate your help. Greetings from Chile.



Hi there, thanks for reaching out! What is the goal of this block combination? What would you like to happen? Happy to work together and find a solution for you.


Hi there,

The first thing I would say is that you should take care of all of the operations that you want to do on this Screen before opening a new Screen. So in your blocks defining the operations to do if iniciosvar = 1, I would put your ‘from Push_Prekinder set Android_AppID’ block before your ‘navigate to Incio’ block.

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@Jimmy @jane

This may be related. but i’m trying to swap between two different onesignal appID’s for development versus live… is what i’m trying here possible?

Push_Notification returns the same value from GetUserId even after switching the AppID to the alternate one. Does the OneSignal api integration support juggling AppID on the fly and getting a new/different UserId/playerId from them? I’d like to isolate my live vs. testing push notifications to not spam live peeps with test notifications