OneSignal - PlayerId


Is it possible yet to acquire the OneSignal PlayerId via blocks? I’d like to store the PlayerId back to my own database via my web api and associate the OneSignal PlayerId with my individual users. The goal: to send push notifications from my server to a single user utilizing the OneSignal REST API, but without the PlayerId I’m stuck.



Could someone please help with the above issue? I’ve combed through the community posts and found several that discuss this issue, but none appear to have a solution.

I can’t imagine that I’m the only one wanting to send push notifications to single specific users via OneSignal.


Yes please! I want It too!! Help please! :wink::kissing_closed_eyes:


Any chance someone can help with this issue?


Hello there, @BovineDefDev! :wave:

See the tutorial here

Thanks! :smile:


Kartik, thank you so much. One more question for you or anyone else in the community: if I store the OneSignal player id in my own db, is it still necessary to setup a Firebase account? It doesn’t appear necessary if I want to store/retrieve the player id via my own api, but from the documentation it’s not clear to me.

Many thanks for the assistance!


Hi BovineDefDev,

If you are using your own database instead of Firebase, then it is not necessary to store in Firebase, as long as you can retrieve that value again to place into the OneSignal API you should be fine