OneSignal - Google Deadline

Just a quick double check, i just received this message from OneSignal

Is there something i need to change in my apps? All of them have already OneSignal and Cloud messaging enabled.

Thank you for your time and sorry if the question is silly.

You only need to provide some updated authentication credentials in Firebase. We have a link for what and how to update here in our Docs.

I think i did everything correctly, just double checking, do I need to click on “native” here?
I didn’t see any spec for this step in the docs

I’m asking as i tried, i also copied the app ID in the new drag&drop push notification setting, resetted the Thunkable Live, accessed the app, but it shows me this message:

Actually, i think this should be the case

Yes and yes here. Native Android and ignore Step 2 as you are updating and not doing an initial set up.

Another quick doublecheck

After converting from snap to place to d&d when i opened the push notifications setting both of the text inputs were empty.

Does it mean i need to place the AppID again and republish the app or in some way it recognize the old AppId and there is no need for me to republish the app?