🎉 PUSH-ing out some SENSE-sational new components in this BLOCK-buster Thunkable ✕ release 2019-05-20

May was another busy month in the Thunk Tank. We launched the Weekend Design Challenge here in the community, “Thunkables: The Musical” enjoyed a (very) brief run on Broadway and we added six new components to the Thunkable X platform, all of which are detailed below.

:bookmark: Release Notes

Take a look at our release notes for a more detailed description of everything that’s included in this release.

:robot: Thunkable Live for Android

You’ll need v. 74 of the Live Companion app, head over to the Play Store to make sure you’re up-to-date.

:apple: Thunkable Live for iOS

If you’re an iOS user, head on over to the App Store to get the latest version of the live companion app.

:rocket: Blockchain Wallet by Oasis

Our first foray into the world of Blockchain comes with two new components for you to use in your apps. The Blockchain Wallet component, powered by Oasis Labs, allows you to securely read and write data to your wallet.

:rocket: Smart Contract by Oasis

Also powered by Oasis labs, the Smart Contract component allows you to directly interact with smart contracts on the blockchain from you mobile device.

:rocket: Push Notifications

One of the most requested components of all time, the Push Notifications component was released this month too. Like previous versions, this component is powered by OneSignal too, so hopefully it’s even easier to add push notifications to your app.

:hammer_and_wrench: Payment

We updated the Payment component to give PRO users lower fees. Thunkable now charges 0% on Stripe transactions if you have a PRO subscription.

:rocket: Accelerometer

We listened to your requests for more sensor components and added 3 this month. The accelerometer gives you the ability to measure how quickly the phone is changing speed.

:rocket: Gyroscope

The second sensor released, for detecting the rotation of the phone, is the gyroscope. Take it for a spin and let us know what you build with it.

:rocket: Magnetometer

Last but not least was the magnetometer component which allows you to do things like turn your phone into a compass.
All of the sensors are covered in more detail in this YouTube tutorial.

:bug: iOS Publishing

We fixed an error with project assets that was causing issues for some users when publishing their apps to the app store.


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