Published App on Google store looks different

Hello there,

I published my Quiz App recently to the google store. The splash screen looks so small. It shows at the top of the screen and the rest of the screen is black. Also, when I start doing the Quiz the pictures look so small compared to what is showing on thunkable. I want to update it so I can republish it. Kindly help. Thank you

I see the screenshots in the Google Play Store. Can you post a screenshot of what the app looks like:

  1. In Thunkable Live on an Android phone
  2. When installed on an Android phone

Thank you for your prompt answer. Please find links below:

  1. In Thunkable Live on an Android phone

  1. When installed on an Android phone

  1. In Thunkable live test

Two things:

  1. If something doesn’t work in Thunkable Live, it’s not going to work as a published app. When you tested it in Thunkable Live before publishing, did it work correctly?
  2. There’s a bug report about images not showing up on Android phones. This topic says it’s fixed but maybe you’re having a similar issue: IOS LIVE Not Showing PNG'S or other Images

Thanks Tatiang for your help. I visited the link you provided. Resizing it through padding did solve the issue and now it looks just fine: