Projects variables carried over to other projects

I have had variables from a now deleted project still carried over to new projects. This is causing extreme lag, even without the placement of any blocks. Please admins or anyone can you forcefully remove this or anybody else know what to do? its really bugging me now. my work-rate has been halved, if not quartered.

All help is much appreciated

Can you give an example. It is hard to understand that variable X in project Y ends up in Project A.

i dont understand how it happened. i deleted the project that the mass amounts of variables were from. then it went away, for about a day and now they show again. there were roughly 30 variables. thats a lot to just randomly change over.

the app in question was one to do with foods and you select what food you have and it would pick out meals based on your choices. so now i get variables called garlic and tomatoes showing up everywhere and creating the same lag found in projects with over 300 blocks. all my projects lag now, even without any blocks.

It is probably a bug, cache or something like this.
Did you try it from another browser?

@eoinparkinson, sorry to hear that! I think this might be a bug, but could you help us to know more about how it causes?

Can you send the private message to us with the screenshots that we can report it back to the engineering team. Thanks a lot.

I will try clearing cache on this browser but i fear this will not help. i have not tried another browser

yes i can certainly. thankyou

Thanks, this is definitely a bug on our end. For now, a temporary solution is to use a new tab when opening a new project. We’ll work to get this fixed.


i tried a new tab and still getting the problem. I understand there is probably no fix currently, but i would appreciate very much if you could keep me updated. thank you.