Project privacy and Starter account expiration

My understanding is that a free account has all projects public, no private projects…

…and that a Starter acct has 1 private project.

If I have a Starter and a private project, can I fully delete that project before I let my Starter acct payment lapse and (I assume) it then reverts to a Free acct?

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Before creating a topic you should always search the forum as many questions, such as yours, have already been answered.

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i did. what is the answer, please, if you know it? thanks

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My question goes to privacy, about which everyone involved with apps is concerned. I’m inclined to assume that one can delete a project and then let the account lapse to Free (would not want to delete my account because I might want to use it or upgrade it again, without creating a new account), and the project is then gone for good and not susceptible to public display. This is what I’m trying to confirm, because I’m privacy aware and not inclined to simply assume this. I haven’t found the answer anywhere. So if Dean_Artis knows the answer/explanation or where it has been posted, I’d appreciate a pointer in the Community spirit of informing, rather than gratuitous comments while (presumably) keeping answers hidden. thanks

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Welcome to Thunkable.

When your subscription expires your private project will not be visible to public but you will not able to edit it anymore. The private project will become read only and you will not be able to modify it or copy it unless you make it public.

Hope this answers your inquiry.

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Yes. However you don’t have to delete it for privacy because the following is true also.

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Yes, big help, and thanks muneer and jared so much for the clear explanations!


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