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Can anyone tell me some app ideas

great! I have some projects here. you can post you’re own!

I Googled 1000 app ideas and this was the first result:


Any other ideas

You’ve seen


I have some more to check out!

Sorry, I’ve sent the wrong link and click the link above to continue. @Thunkable_Staff has created some for you to check out!


others have some projects for you to check out just click these links: #shareyourprojects and #madewiththunkable

Did anyone build any higher education related app? With a little more understanding I think I can work on few of the ideas that popped while writing my paper for me and my group. Any app examples related to flashcard, management, quiz, homework tracker, etc will do great. Or welcome to share some more interesting ideas.

Lots of examples of these types of apps in the #thunkable-tutorials and #shareyourprojects sections of the Community.

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The public Gallery of Projects must to be improved, for sure.

Today is not possible to search by project name, only by the categories or username. So you need navigate for hundreds of projects, trying find what you looking for.

We could also have the main screen preview in the grid (this helps to identify the app quickly). The only way to check the app is opening the project, but when you return the page you was before is lost. Horrible navigation problem!

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This page has a broken link to the projects…

Can’t find that broken link