Project disapear after deleting Data Source

I had a project with a data source connected to Google Sheet. I decided to delete the data source. However, as soon as I deleted the Data source, I got an error page" Oops! The project you are looking for was either deleted or may not be public." I am able to go to the Project details page but I just can’t open it. When I go to my projects, I can see that project listed, but when I click on it I get that same error.

Hi @nlalami, thanks for checking in. This is a current known issue happening with the Google Sheets. I will check in to see if there is a timeline for being able to get a fix out and getting your project restored.

Thanks again. Do let us know if there is anything else we can do to help!

Thank you, I must add that the same issue is happening to my students so they are anxious to recover their projects.

all my project also error after deleting googlesheet. Can you help me recover?

Hi @trantkk, we are still working on a fix for this issue and how we might be able to restore access to projects. We’ll keep you updated here!

Appreciate your patience!

@matt_conroy can you help me recover soon. I’m looking forward to the first project

@trantkk We’re working on how to get those projects working again currently. I will update you here as we learn more!