Project Delete/Write/Protect Lock facility

It would be really helpful to have a write/delete protection lock in “My projects”. Or perhaps a secure folder feature to copy completed apps to. With no way to download .aia files to protect projects and preferred versions of projects on our own devices, all apps stored on Thunkable’s server are vulnerable to accidental deletion with no backup to turn to.

Please support with a comment if this feature would be useful to you.

Hey @penny - we do offer project recovery to PRO subscribers, and there is (or should be) a warning message when you click on the delete sub-menu item:

We also moved the Delete option to the sub-menu to make it less likely that users would accidentally delete their projects.

When it comes to write-protecting projects…I’m not sure how we’d go about this. Perhaps you could make a copy of your project and rename it in ALL CAPS so you know that it’s an “archive” version of your project?

This is a good suggestion short of a feature upgrade. I will try this.
Thank you.

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