Problems loading projects in student account


My student is trying to work on saved projects but all of his projects are opening and showing up blank (no components on the screen and no way to add them).

We’ve tried hard refreshing and tried different browsers (Chrome and Safari).

Thunkable account name: cball23
One of the project links:

Were the projects created today?

No, they were created a few weeks ago. I’m able to open the designer url and it looks okay on my computer so this may be a computer-specific issue.

Can you guide him through a hard refresh?

Already tried that but he’s using a “loaner” computer at our school instead of his normal computer that he created the project on. I know it’s cloud-based so the computer shouldn’t exactly matter but I think I’ll just chalk it up to that since class ended and we don’t meet again until Monday. Hopefully he’ll have his own computer back by then.

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