Problem with "list of values in" function

the function “list of values in” return a string with all the values of the row concatenated, but without any separator.
So, how do I get the value of each individual cell (column) from this string ?
Tks in advance for any reply.

Hey, @motzet :wave::wave:
Can you please share a screenshot of it?
Actually, I didn’t get the block which you’re talking about.

Hi @roumak-coder,
You’ll find below a screenshot explaining what I’m trying to do…
Capture d’écran 2020-12-06 à 19.03.44

Hope this may help !

Remove the LIST block from between SET Stored tmp_lst TO and LIST OF VALUES IN PF_Ass …

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OOuuupppsss!! I was crazy doing what I’ve done :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Lot of thanks @drted, your solution works great!

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Always easier for fresh eyes

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