Problem with form using camera

Hey all, I hope someone is able to figure this out. I have a form that I created using Jotform. It’s a simple take a photo and click send form, with an option to have a copy of the photo sent to the user. The URL to the form is:

The form works fine in a web browser and also on a phone web browser. I tested it using Chrome on my Android phone. For some reason, I can’t get it to work properly in Thunkable using the web viewer component. The camera doesn’t appear and the form appears to be frozen (using the Live Test). Does anyone have any thoughts on why this may be happening?

I realize this is kind of vague without showing screenshots of the phone. If you need a screenshot, let me know and I’ll put them together and post them later. It’s late where I am now so I’m going to sleep! :slight_smile:

Thanks and have a great night/day.


Hi Mark,

Can I ask why you want to display this through Jotform? I have built similar adding a photo through the photo component on Thunkable submitting the photo to cloudinary (also a component) and in Airtable a record of that submission - then using Zapier ( Airtable Zap) to send an email with the photo attached?


On my iOS 11.4 I was able to send a picture from the camera when using this service If it is not possible to take you, then this service is unstable for Thunkable X and it is better to use other methods.

Currently Thunkable X is unstable under Android and I would recommend for your needs to be used more simple and reliable method - to photograph the image, save it in the repository by using the Media DB and send an image link via e-mail when using “open link”.

You can try to use external web services, but with high probability they will not work on some devices. Browser WebViewer has a number of limitations compared to external full browsers. To guarantee the operation of the WebViewer can be used only if all major browsers are working fine with the selected web service. If something is working well in Chrome (or Firefox) but not working in Firefox (or Chrome) or Safaryi, it is likely that in the WebViewer it may not work at all.

I’ve thought of using Zapier to complete the whole transaction, but I was trying to find a way to contain the whole operation in one process. In my view, if something goes wrong with Cloudinary or Firebase, in my case, or with Zapier, it will interrupt the flow. It leaves 4 opportunities for something to go wrong. I do have another project that is set up to do exactly what you’re suggesting, and I’ll go back to that way if I can’t figure out how to get this work this way. I had set up a Cloudinary Zap, though.

Yeh it does seem to work directly in the phone’s web browser - it’s just not showing when testing the app with Thunkable. Thanks for your response.

After going back and forth and trying several things, I’ve settled on the Zapier method. I have set up a trigger that activates when a new items is uploaded to Cloudinary, an email is generated and sent to the specified email address. It seems to be working perfectly.

Thanks all,