Problem with Data Viewer List: Source not acknowledged

Hi! I’m pretty new to Thunkable, and I’ve done my best to find solutions to my questions in existing topics. However, if I’ve missed something, I hope you’ll forgive me and merge this topic if it’s appropriate.

I’m trying to get the Data Viewer List to work. I grabbed a Google spreadsheet I had on hand, went through the process of giving Thunkable permission and adding the data source. The Google Sheet has a row with column names as required. It seems pretty certain it’s connected, because when I click the Add button next to the Data Source field (which has the database name in it) and it brings up the popup, when I select the same data source, I get the message that it’s already added.

But under Selected Table, when I click on Select a Sheet, I get the message Pick a Data Source First to Fill In Data! I get the same message again in the Data Binding fields.

What’s missing?

It’s been a process, but it seems to be working now. I deleted all the data sources I had installed (some were corrupted). I created a new spreadsheet in Google and linked it to my app. It worked better, but I still couldn’t bind columns for the title and subtitle. I ended up having to delete the list viewer I had and put in a new one. Selected the data source again. Once that was all done, everything on the list page seems to be working.