Problem with Data Sources Blocks to drag to project (collapsed) and also deleting source from My Data Sources


I have problems with Data Sources Blocks. When I click on Data Sources, the blocks are collapsed and I cant take one of them to drag to the project.(I upload an image of that)

This problem start after add the third data source to the project.

Also I have problems deleting old sources. (I upload an image of that also)

I think you’ll need to contact Thunkable support for help with this. If you haven’t already tried clearing your browser cache, do that. Also make sure you are at 100% zoom level in your browser. If you are, you might try <100% and >100% to see if that changes things at all.

Hi. I have tried the two options you propose and they have not given me positive results.

Anyway, thank you very much for the answer.

How can I contact the Thunkable support?

Hello everyone, please has there been solution for this, I am facing same right now

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First thing is to clear the browser cache. However, to see if this is a project related problem, send the project to someone else and ask him/her to open it and go through the same steps and see if the Data Source Drawer view is normal.

Hi @supremefaptechjzgbl,

Are you still experiencing this? Is anyone else at the moment?

I took a look at projects in my account, and I can see all of the blocks!

What browser are you using?

Can you try performing a hard refresh in your browser? How to Hard Refresh your Browser | Thunkable Help Center