Problem displaying cloud variable's value

I stored the value in cloud in one screen and used it to display on the another screen But it didn’t display in another screen’s label

this is the code of screen 1
this is the screen 1 design with groups visible
this is the screen 1 design without groups visible
![screen 2 with group visible where I want to display text|642x500] this is the screen 2 with groups visible where I want to display text in labels(upload://pL53XABK6DfWKggyuQCOtG50Xzg.png)
this is the screen 2 without groups visible where I want to display text in labels
this the code of screen2 where I applied the formula to display text in label and not working
I want to display screen 1 user’s output to screen 2’s label I saved screen 1’s user’s output in cloud

Can you post a link to your project? You’re trying to do too many things and you need to simplify and figure out why you can’t display Firebase values. I suspect it’s because you’re creating a blank object every time screen 2 opens. My guess is that this if condition is not set up correctly:


I want to publish my app after it’s done what if someone copies is it safe to put it here?

No. If you share it here, anyone will be able to view it.

You can send me the link in a private message if you want. Or not, it’s up to you.

If you can’t share the link, I would recommend that you try go get a value to save in Firebase and then retrieve it and display it in a label. And I would temporarily remove the When profile Opens blocks to see if that makes a difference. Or move the if condition blocks to the first screen the user sees.