Prevent erase data and clear cache

I wanted my app to be free, but I have to pay the translator’s API and the resulting banking transactions, so I came up with a way to calculate consumption, but it can be easily circumvented by clearing the cache or deleting the data. How can I prevent it?

Have the app send the information to you as an email.

Thanks, you can tell me the address / section / form to communicate with the app, in my account, I only see the address for the questions on the billing.

Or use Firebase. Basically anytime the API is called it sends the users info to the Firebase at the same time. That way you can track it with simple code vs more advanced email API.

Ciao @samclever I’m not a developer I managed to put together these few blocks that help me in my projects and I wanted to share them because I’m proud of it, and because they could help someone else.