Post Data - web api

Can someone help to save data using POST?

Thank you!

Thunkable (6)

Where are you saving data to? That’s the block for sending something to an API, specifically.

You may want to look at the pages in the documents about data sources (a place you could save data) or variables (stored variables are another option).

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I am using XANO to save the data.

Unless someone else is familiar with XANO, you’ll need to spend some time figuring out what a POST call looks like for XANO (which will have nothing to do with Thunkable) and sharing that info here.

If you try to set up blocks and it doesn’t work, you can share a screenshot of those blocks as well.

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I haven’t used XANO, but it claims to do a REST-type API, so you can almost certainly use it. Before you call that Web_API Post button, you’re going to need to set up the parameters it needs (URL, body, headers, etc) using the other blocks in that drawer. We can help you with the blocks part, but you’ll need to look at the XANO documentation to figure out what values you need to set. I suggest initially sending all three of the green result blocks (status, response, error) to labels so that you can see what the API is returning.

If you’re stumped, feel free to post what you’ve got so far AND the API documentation. We might be able to help you decipher it. :slight_smile: