Possible to open a PDF from a QR code within Thunkable


I would like to know if it’s possible to scan a QR code that is linked to a PDF and have that scanned PDF open up within Thunkable’s PDF reader. I tried to search it but it looks like no one really asked this question. My plan is to have people just scan the QR code and have the PDF open up in that app so there isn’t any confusing app switching or anything. Basically a one-stop shop kind of deal. I appreciate any help!

Thank you

Hi @kmag, welcome to Thunkable!

You should be able to set the PDF Reader’s file to the green value block from the Barcode Scanner in order to do what you want.

If you need the scanning and viewing to take place on different screens or in different block sets, you’ll need to assign the green value block to a variable and then use that variable elsewhere (green blocks only hold their value within the block they are created in).


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