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Hello, my App needs to open .PDF files but not default ones already uploaded in the app, I need it to open them from /storage/emulated/0/Download/Hello.pdf if you know a way to do it please help,i already did that in app inventor but i want to do it in thunkable by design if you know any way to send the app inventor project to thunkable that might be a solution as well. Or how to integrate aia At Thunkable you could also help me, thanks.

Hola, mi App necesita abrir archivos .PDF pero no predeterminados ya subidos en la app, necesito que los abra desde /storage/emulated/0/Download/Hola.pdf si saben una forma de hacerlo por favor ayúdenme, ya hice eso en App inventor pero quiero hacerlo en Thunkable por el diseño si saben alguna forma de enviar el proyecto de app inventor a Thunkable también podría ser una solución. O como integrar aia en Thunkable también podría ayudarme, gracias.

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It is not possible to open or transfer an app inventor project to Thunkable X.

I am not aware of a way to open a file from the phone’s storage. Would it be possible to store the PDF in the cloud and give users access to it that way?

I know that it can be seen from the webviewer, but I would like to do it offline, but maybe I have to adjust to the tools xd thanks

I’m curious… why does the PDF need to be in the phone’s storage? Why can’t it be included in the app itself?

I am a student, in my school they deliver printed notebooks with the topics to be covered in the classes of the semester, I want to make those files to .PDF and upload them to Google Drive, paste QR codes with the links on the whiteboards, the app scans the QR code and takes them to Drive, they download it and show the files in a list, if they click on the list, the .PDF opens, and if I put them in the app, they could not be updated to the following semesters. and the download links yes. You can try my app on App inventor.

the purpose is to eliminate the use of printed booklets.

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I don’t have a lot of experience with this but I think you would use the Google Drive API to create a link to a PDF export of the Google Drive file and then use the PDF viewer in Thunkable to view that file.

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If all what is required is to upload from local machine (computer or mobile) to Google drive then you can use the Google Picker API which requires both GCP (Google Cloud Platform) and GAS (Google Apps Script).

Note that this is different that Google Drive Picker which gives access to Google drive contents only.

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