Saving .pdf files locally

Is it possible to save .pdf file from file input (in snap to place, in dd its in the files) between sessions?

Im trying it with this: Thunkable . Opening the file works fine the first session, but after closing the app and opening it again it fails to work. Is it a bug, it isnt even suposed to work or there is some workaround (preferably withoutconverting to .html)?

However, i have a solution to the problem you are having.

You cannot store a file as such but you can store the URL of the uploaded file and then display it.
Here is the working logic in this new project i made.

See what I have written inside the project :smiley:

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This seems to work only when testing it in a web wiever, when im testing it via the mobile app it isnt working (getting error “PDFDocument: stream must have data”) -probably it has something to do with me not being connected to cloudinary (where the block is getting the url from).
Thanks for help anyways!

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