Position of the Canvas and Stage on the Canvas using old version of Android

One problem I have is, what I see on the Thunkable webpage and what appears on my phone in the Live Test and what appears when I download it as a apk file, the position of the Canvas or the Stage that is on the canvas is different.

The 1st one is from the Webpage,
the 2nd one when I do a Live test, it moves up a bit and
the 3rd one when I download it onto my phone.

I fixed the 2nd one a bit by changing the canvas style to stretch, but there is still a difference between the website and the Live Test on the phone. My phone is a bit old though, would that be a problem?

Initially I put everything into a group, this did keep the positioning, but now the canvas and stage have increased in size, so I only see the top right hand corner.

I read that Thunkable guarantees it works on Android 10 and above, but can’t do the same for lesser versions.
I’m using android version 9, which is an old phone, so I’ll buy a new phone, that uses Android 13 go edition and see how that goes.

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