Portait Only doesn't work for iPhone XR and iPhone 11

I set my app screens to portrait mode so it will be locked on portrait and also becasue when it switched to landscape then the buttons stops working. Setting it on portrait works on some phones lie iPhone 7 and 7+ but on iPhone 11 and iPhone XR, the screen still switches to landscape when the user tilts their phone.

Any solution for this?

Hey @maptheunknown, just to clarify here - is this while live testing, installing or both?

This is on a downloaded app on an iPhone XR or iPhone 11.

I will try to test via Thunkable live is it also happens.

It sounds like this is just an issue with newer iPhones - hopefully we’ll be able to account for this following our recent upgrade.

Thanks! I’ll test as soon as the live app crashing issue is resolved.

@maptheunknown, now that Thunkable Live is back in action, do you mind taking a look at this again please?


I just tested now and it’s not working for iPhone XR. I haven’t test on iPhone 11 though but it’s a good sign that it’s working on iPhone XR.