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As part of @domhnallohanlon’s class in software development we developed an app that takes the birth rates and death rates of several countries from a spreadsheet and uses them to create a live counter of said rates, as well as the total population difference.


Nice one !
Can we have the aia file please.

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Here’s the aia file for the app, I’m aware that there may be some glitches/opportunities for optimization I’ve missed out on.

Population_DeathvBirth.aia (140.9 KB)


I really like how you can see the the population change in real time, and I don’t think we’ve seen anyone use emoji to represent data like this in Thunkable before!


This looks very cool. A awesome idea!

Its absolutely fine and i haven’t seen any glitches just curious to see the logic behind and maybe at some point would be helpful to me.
Thank you for the aia, hope you all build great apps more in the near future.