Poor Performance

I have discussed performance problems in other threads, including a link to a small test-project:
that shows 200+ ms to process 10 blocks or so.
My concern is Classic will disappear soon, X is not ready to replace it, which renders my Classic project useless.
The following announcement troubles me the most:
25% off Thunkable PRO membership (only $150 / year).Buy Nowbefore the offer expires on Jan 10, 2020.
I am happy to buy reliable software, but that seems a liitle early for X.

Migrate to Kodular, which is pretty much compatible with Classic; you can import your AIA file and adapt.

I can import AIA indeed, but Kodular Companion does not work. It opens, reads the QR code, then nothing. Producing APK file works, although the graphics result looks different, I guess I can work around this. The performance equals that of Thunkable Classic.
There is hardly any documentation or user expertise available though.

The perceived limited “documentation or user expertise” is the result of Thunkable having had a much larger user base and having been around for longer. Since Classic users are currently be driven out, they will migrate that over time.

I cannot comment on the companion, since I hardly use it myself, preferring to import and install the aia instead (even on Thunkable, the companion had limited ability for the kind of tweaks that I usually require anyway); but if you have a legitimate issue, bring it up in the forum.

Hey @Luc, curious to know what you find troubling? Happy to clarify anything if needed.

Thunkable X is free to use, however PRO memberships give access to a few additional upgrades, when needed.

We’re working hard to improve block performance and have released a couple of updates already in recent months. There are also number of (temporary!) workarounds discussed in the community too, which might work for you for now…but again, just to reiterate, we are working on future improvements too.

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Kodular Companion does not work at all, after reading the QR everything hangs.
I report via Thunkable Community because the login via Kodular Community does not work either: login via Google… username … password… then again the same screen is presented:

It’s hard to get going when nothing seems to work… or do I overlook something?

Ehmm…please reach out to their support team directly.

@Conor can probably help you?


Hi @Luc, can you send me a PM?

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