Platform speed bug

Hello Thunkers,
I ask you to click on this link on Github and add a comment or give it a like so Thunkable staff will know that the platform speed issue is a big problem for all Thunkers. Then they can fix it as fast as they can.

Thanks in advance!


I think that the developers are well aware of this, but, apparently, they cannot fix it as quickly as we would like.

To control this issue, I created an application with 600 blocks on one screen. Delay 2-3 seconds. I hope that someday it will take off and please speed. But I agree with those who ask to make a compilation on request. I would even suggest turning off automatic compilation so that we can manage this function.

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Please check this out

Yes, I saw your offer. This is really interesting, but it does not allow you to quickly catch bugs. If a large algorithm is created on a separate screen, it may turn out that it simply does not work as it should. Then you have to perform step by step debugging, and this is also a time. Although it is possible to temporarily copy a part of the interface elements from the working screen to an empty screen or initially debug the interface on an auxiliary empty screen and then transfer it to the working screen.