Please help me design an app first time

I need help to make an app that can use maps so people can report environmental issues to a community group ?

Hi @adriandugdale24kwn, :wave:

Welcome to the Community. Do you have much experience with Thunkable? We have a sample app with different locations visualised on a map that you can remix here:

Have you done any wireframing or designs for how you want your app to look?

Can you tell us a little more about your target audience?


New today as came up the idea today in a meeting want the app to have logo and what group is about
With our Facebook and Twitter and email address as alternative to be able to use map to send the info to us

Basically we normal ask anybody who sees areas in rivers that have rubbish in it or obstructions or other environmental issues to email us but we do not get many emailing we decided an app where they can show the location that they at add a photo or description that will go to team members so they can go and check it out and asses to see if it’s a priority or not

We also ask members the public to report locations of wild fires to us after they have informed emergency services so we can assist

Basically we need away app that we can get people to download to make it easier to report issues to us and link our website twitter and Facebook to it as well as not everybody uses Facebook

Even if they could use app we’re useS google maps or os maps with the gps On phones so they can send. A photo or description issue and the idea we have is that the app will send us the information that members of the public have entered to our report it email address so we can take relevant action

The app has to be easy to use. With information about group with our website social media. So they can view updates on the app it’s self

A donation Button that we could link to PayPal

The ideas there but as never made any apps don’t know how to start it and make it happen

What needs to be able to do link Facebook page and twitter feeds to app have away members public to email us

We want to be able to let members of the public use maps. To send us location with phone gps that will send all the info to us via email and allow photos and description of the issue this could be fly tipping rubbish in rivers over grown paths mountains

We do not want anybody use the app to see areas of concern that other users have sent details of to us

And to be able to have an area links our Facebook page events to the app as well

Can anybody help the map area will be South Wales United Kingdom

Hi @adriandugdale24kwn,

Please don’t create multiple topics about the same question, it is against our community guidelines.

Additionally, questions about using Thunkable X should be posted in #thunkable-cross

I’ve edited your post now to correct this.

Thanks for elaborating on the requirements of your app - I think the vast majority of this is achievable with Thunkable X.

Ok thanks and sorry about that am hope somebody can help to get it done as it be for local wider communities include help flood prevention that happens lot in South Wales

No worries at all. So just to clarify one thing. When, in your first post, you said:

Is this something that you have started working on/want to build yourself, or are you reaching out to the community to hire a developer to work on this project on your behalf?

In either case, I’d go back to my original question;

I know you’ve given some great explanations around features you want (i.e photos, emailing, paypal etc) but what you imagine the app to look like and what someone else might build for you are probably two very different things.

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How did this app idea go? Were you able to accomplish it?