Please add the ability to make splashscreen


having the app icon as a splash screen is okay. But i find that if i want to have the app icon a different colour in the background it leaves me with an ugly square icon on startup. It would be great if there was a way to set the background image and maybe add a loading icon or something.


You can customize one, also I’m :slight_smile:


How do i customise it? I don’t want just the app logo


Haha. Just add one. Even that splash still here, I make one.


Its not the same though :stuck_out_tongue:


It is because you want to replace to customize must upgrade to PRO :hugs:


I have pro. I don’t want the splash screen or loading screen to be just the app icon. I want to be able to have more customisation with it.


Hello, @eoinparkinson!
I have a short solution for you.
Try to make your app’s icon more explainable, which should be as good as a splash screen.
I also tried to do this, and I liked the splash screen now.

Hope it helps! :wink:


Thunkable doesn’t let you change the splash screen.

Currently I’m using Kodular. It’s like Thunkable, but with more options!

You can change the API…

And Kodular is created by the MIT App Inventor team!


That is not true. Kodular has its own development team. I don’t know where you get your info from.