Playing more than 1 sound at a time?

Again the example with the piano keys.

When 1 key is pressed it plays a sound.

When another key is pressed it plays a sound.

If you press the keys fast the following key will stop the previous from finishing, cutting it short of the full sound.

Is this a limit of the sound component? Only 1 sound can be played at a time?

What about if I want to play background music and at the same time play sound effects?

Hey - I don’t think this is possible unfortunately.

Have you tried using multiple sound components?

Would one of the keys have to have a “sustain” effect to it?


Thank you i added more sound components and it works for my need.

I’m now experiencing in the LIVE app that i’m only able to press 1 button at a time. If I tap two buttons at once only 1 will respond.

Is this a limit of the LIVE app or/and when published to ios?

Is there a work around so user can press many buttons at once and all respond?

Were you able to find a solution to this? I’m having the same problem as you making a keyboard app.

@carlin100i00 I think this is a more general limitation of the sound component.

My understanding is that it’s specifically designed to play a single audio track (such as a song) rather than multiple simultaneous tracks (such as notes in a chord)

We’re expecting some updates to the sound component shortly, but I’m not expecting this functionality to be part of that update. (I will check for you though! :+1:)


Gday Dom
Just checking if there will be any updates to this functionality in the foreseeable future?

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